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Matthias Früh - Leeloop Records

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Matthias Früh

Matthias Früh is a Swiss electronic music producer and DJ. He was born in St. Gallen, Switzerland, in the year 1989. 
When Matthias was around 6 he started to play the flute and djembe drums. In the next years his interest in making music increased, so he learnt to play the keyboard and the guitar. He also always enjoined to play the drums and different kinds of percussion instruments.
In his teen ages, Früh began making some alternative hip-hop beats for his friends and himself and learnt the basic skills of sampling with classic samplers and an MPC. After a short time-out from making Music he finally started producing electronic music in the end of the year 2011.
Matthias Früh takes his inspiration from electronic producers as Ricardo Villalobos, Butch or Oliver Huntemann as well as many other producers which came up in the last years. He has also taken inspiration from rhythmic South American and African Music.
Früh began to play his music at parties with some live-gigs. The interest in playing and mixing others artists records grew up and so he started DJing as well. He is known for his groovy and rhythmic sets with the special spirit. Besides, he is now a working for Leeloop Records.

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