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Sir Rickenbacher - Leeloop Records

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Sir Rickenbacher


I grew up in Canton Schwyz, Switzerland in Lauerz. My father played music since I came into the world am. With 11 years he has taught me to make the music. I started with basic chords, because my father took me to 1.Auftritt already. It was in a nursing home. As the old folks have been very rewarding as I was very young also. How it started and I always learned a bit more. My father is a farmer and as the work we had done, we played music together, in between my mother came and escorted us to the piano or guitar. The music with my father comes from the heart, with much joy. When I was 18 years old, my parents immigrated to France. Sun took a greater distance, unfortunately, our shared music in purchasing. Today I am looking forward to my release on Leeloop.

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