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Vibreen - Leeloop Records

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Dany Hässig from Switzerland was discovered by LeeLoop-records and young ever friend.
Vibreen has fallen in 1984 and was interested in the world at a young age for music and its effect on humans. With 18 years of age he discovered turntables and since that time he was first tied to her in 2008 and landed at No. 3 with a DJ contest. Then followed a booking at the famous Main Station, which will be held at the Street Parade. But because he wanted to play more music than the others, he started without any experience to compose music himself and wanted to know what never purchased from samples. It sounds much more the self employed and what you can do with them. Quote from Vibreen: "For me there is no God or Buddha or Allah. Ultimately, everything is the same, connected with another faith. The same is with music. Or can you tell me who invented the music? ``
Allso we can look forward to great productions of Mr.Hässig.
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